• Eat

    Aquafaba Mayonnaise

    This mayo recipe is so easy, versatile, and 100% vegan. When made exactly as it reads this recipe leans more toward the garlic aioli of mayos, but leaves much room for adjusting and adding seasonings to make a mayonnaise for any occasion.

  • Style

    Get The Look: Clueless (1995)

    Despite being a quarter of a century old, Clueless remains a favourite among many not only for its quick wit and stellar cast, but also as an inspiration for fashionistas. Cher's perfect blend of preppy and girly style is so enviable even Tai is quick to swap her grungy flannels…

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    Classic Toffee Apples

    These toffee apples, or candy apples if you're in North America, are guaranteed to take you back to your childhood. This recipe has only three ingredients and is super simple, making it the perfect treat for this spooky season.

  • Entertainment

    Top 5 Horror Remakes/Sequels (2010s)

    As we entered the 2010s those us who grew up in the 90s were officially entering adulthood. Millennials at large became obsessed with reliving their childhood, and as a result 90s culture seemed to be reappearing all over the place. One of the places where we saw this nostalgia manifest…

  • Entertainment

    Best 2000s Horror Films

    Following the revitalisation of the horror genre in the 1990s, the 2000s saw yet another new wave of horror hit the big screen, veering away ever so slightly from the teen scream/slasher sub genre, and focusing more heavily on psychological thrillers.